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At some point the hoardings on the roadsides started to fascinate me and I began to imagine how I could utilise them in informing people of my art. When I was invited to have an exhibition in Turku Art Museum, I developed the idea further..
One company in this field believed that I was serious when I told them that I wanted to buy an old hoarding, and so when a hoarding in Kerava became to be pulled down, I got it as a present on the condition that I do that work myself. From a passing car it is easy to see a hoarding as an item but it is a different thing to stand in front of it with the intention to pull it down and take it along. A crowbar and a saw seem very inadequate in front of a seven-metre structure. And I had decided to relocate that structure in front of Turku art museum! After many phases the structure finally stood at the end of the most magnificent street and hill view in Turku. It almost hided the museum from the approaching walkers.

Ars Longa